Caffeine Update and what it means for SEO

It’s important to note that this is a rewriting of the core infrastructure and not an algorithm change intended to alter the rankings. Having said that it’s highly likely that some rankings will change as a result of factors such as:

  • Google indexing more pages and therefore more links
  • The ability to add more factors into the authority algorithm in the future
  • Faster re-indexing of pages

Check out the preview of the new search results at

In the new infrastructure so far I think there is:

  • an increased weighting on domain authority & some authoritative tag type pages ranking (like Technorati tag pages + Facebook tag pages), as well as pages on sites like Scribd ranking for some long tail queries based mostly on domain authority and sorta spammy on page text
  • perhaps slightly more weight on exact match domain names
  • perhaps a bit better understanding of related words / synonyms
  • tuning down some of the exposure for video & some universal search results

Try out and search Google and their new sanbox version on one page in different languages. Check out this at

More information coming soon...

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